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Blueshield PmB Chosen By DMCC To Protect Dubai Development

Blueshield PmB utilised on yet another podium on the Jumeriah Lakes Towers project in Dubai, UAE.

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a large development which consists of 80 towers along the edges of three artificial lakes.


Jumeriah Lakes Towers


Following the successful use of Blueshield PmB structural waterproofing system on a number of exposed car park sections and building expansion joints the client DMCC elected to continue the use of this peerless system on other areas.


The podiums had previously been subject to water ingress to the buildings, retail and car park areas below causing disruptions as well as costly repairs.


Jumeriah Lakes Towers


With its inherent properties of excellent crack bridging ability, high bond strengths to the substrate, resistance to chemicals, good abrasion resistance and the fact that the system forms a seamless and impermeable barrier to water and chlorides provided the client the ideal and most effective solution.


Works continue at a pace and are being carried out by Pitchmastic’s long standing partner and approved installer Pegasus Building and Contracting company LLC.