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Blueshield PmB Protects Dubais Latest Attraction

The 3.2-kilometre-long canal serves as the final segment of the Dubai Creek extension, terminating in the Arabian Gulf via Al Safa, Al Wasl and Jumeirah 2. Dubai water canal is the UAEs latest attraction and has recently opened.

The application required the system to protect the concrete piers and foundations which were completely immersed in sea water to ensurethe structure remained unaffected by corrosion caused by chloride attack.


Pitchmastic PmB's world renowned Blueshield PmB was selected having proven track record both in the Middle East and also in other parts of the world in similar applications such as the Taiwan High Speed Rail link, MTRC Hong Kong and in the UK Anderton Boat lift another Engineering marvel completed over 20 years ago.


Blueshield PmB is resistive to corrosive elements and retains excellent bonding, crack bridging ability and mechanical properties despite the constant attack from the sea water.

Testing carried out over a 5 year period in the Rhine River, Germany provided clear evidence that despite the aggressive conditions, pollutants, temperature differentials, mechanical impact and microbial attack the Blueshield PmB system based upon raw materials provided by Convestro (formerly Bayer) provided excellent protection to structural steel and concrete components.

 The origins of PmB actually dates back to the mid 1960's when the Bayer raw materials were first used to protect the steel hulls of Icelandic fishing trawlers. Despite the extreme temperatures, impact damage and aggressive environments the product outlasted the trawlers!

These early applications gave Pitchmastic PmB and its clients the full confidence the Blueshield PmB system can and will perform in unique environments.

Dubai water canal sections were constructed by Belhasa Sixco and this followed a number of successful projects where our two companies have worked over a 20 year period together along with Pitchmastic PmB's local UAE partner Pegasus Cont Co LLC. These included Dubai Tram, Ajman Waste water project and Marrayah Island.


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