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Blueshield PmB Solves Tank Leakage Issue On Biogas Project In Greece

Pitchmastic PmB International were approached in early 2015 through its local partner in Greece to discuss and propose a waterproofing solution for a biogas tank facility in Northern Greece.

A circular (32m in diameter), 8m high concrete tank had been constructed to store biogas produced from manure and agricultural waste. Biogas is being stored in ambient temperature but is expected to liquefy and evaporate according to temperature fluctuations.


The tank was suffering from leakage after being completed in 2014 using a combination of HDPE lining and an epoxy based waterproofing coating.


Blueshield PmB has been successfully used in Greece for over 15 years by Pitchmastic's local partner to a variety of applications including roof areas, hospitals, waste water, pools and underground car parks.


Failed System


The tank was waterproofed in 2014 using 2 materials: A PE membrane was applied in the top 3m strip and an epoxy coating system in the bottom 5m.


The tank was left to dry for a month then filled with waste water in early September, only to find out that water was leaking in the zone where the previous HDPE system was used.


Above image of existing system cracked due to limited movement capability causing leakage path for water

Blueshield PmB,  to fix tank leakage


Above image showing leakage from tank after failure of the exisitng waterproofing system


Key Factors & Challenges


The clients requirements were very clear and concise to prevent any reoccurrence of the issues with the current waterproofing approach.


1. Product must be resistant to Biogas waste materials stored within the tank facility

2. System must be compatible with existing system which will be left in place and over coated

3. Product must provide long term protection to the concrete

4. Product must retain high adhesion to the substrate, the existing HDPE system and be able to withstand cyclic cracking during service life

5. Ability to be applied on vertical surfaces and around pipe and other service duct penetrations within the tank

6. A complete installation and material warranty shall be provided for a minimum of 15 years


The Solution


With the above factors in mind Pitchmastic PmB International proposed Blueshield PmB, a two component polyurethane based spray applied elastomeric system. The high performance system is 100% polyurethane, containing no fillers or additives and is VOC free. Once applied, Blueshield PmB has exceptional bond strength to all commonly used substrates, has excellent crack bridging capability, a life expectancy in excess of 30 years and holds British Board of Agrément approval.

 Blueshield PmB,  to fix tank leakage

Above image of Blueshield PmB being installed to vertical and horizontal interface to provide fully sealed application at this critical location

System Benefits


  • 100% effective with proven track record of over 30 years
  • Rapid installation and cure allow for application to horizontal, vertical and soffit surfaces
  • Superior crack-bridging and adhesion properties
  • Materials can be applied to 24hours-7 day old concrete, at temperatures as low as 0ºC
  • Spray application ensures difficult detailing and penetrations are easily overcome


Above image of high integrity test being undertaken to verify the Blueshield PmB application is 100% waterproof.

After: Tank successfully sealed and filled with water confirming the successful installation of Blueshield PmB


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