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Blueshield PmB Utilised On Presidents Daughters Exclusive Home In Cyprus

The word ‘prestige ‘is an often overused term to reflect the importance and profile of a particular project. However, in this instance the word reflects perfectly the extremely high quality, attention to detail, obvious guarantee requirement and structural integrity and an awareness that anything but 100% success was simply unthinkable.

Blueshield PmB has an unrivalled track record, peerless performance and undoubted pedigree in the world of structural Waterproofing and the VIP client in this instance knew only too well that a quality waterproofing materials installed by fully trained and highly experienced local contractor was the only option.


Waterproofing Materials


Pitchmastic PmB International’s local partner in Cyprus Odo Techniki was on hand to provide the client with full technical and design support and installed the Blueshield PmB system to the exacting requirements of the specification and the clients very specific criteria.


Waterproofing Materials


The system was selected to waterproof and protect several critical areas of the new villa roof areas, raised planters, water features and pools.