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Next Generation Deck Drainage Installed At Changi Airport

Changi Airport Terminal 1 is currently undergoing improvement works to allow for a new multi-storey taxi deck to better manage taxi flow along Airport Boulevard.

The new $50 million deck will be able to hold 300 taxis heading to Terminal 1, three times the capacity of the current holding area for the terminal. This is expected to ease in-bound traffic along Airport Boulevard where tailbacks of up to 1km have been observed when the supply of taxis far exceeds the demands from passengers at Terminal 1.


The number of available taxis will be shown on boards along Airport Boulevard 


Pipeline & Drainage Systems and structural protection specialist Pitchmastic PmB International worked jointly on this project for the design and supply of nearly 500 linear metres of special depth Envirobridge units.


Bridge and shallow depth drainage


Envirobridge is a high strength one-piece monolithic unit ideal for areas where construction depth is limited. Envirobridge is made from recycled composite material that is extremely light and stronger than conventional concrete which reduces load on the deck.

 Structural protection

Singapore has historically used metal units with expensive epoxy coatings in light grey to give a concrete kerb effect but the coatings usually wears off and the units start to rust leading to maintenance issues. The standard light grey of PDS' Envirobridge system alleviates this issue completely as well as being recycled and lightweight.