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Pitchmastic PmB International Gains RTA Approval

Pitchmastic PmB International is pleased to announce it has gained pre-qualification and approval from Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and is now registered as an Approved and trusted vendor/ supplier and contractor allowing the company to bid for projects as well as being involved as a supplier to other contractors. The Company is now on the approved list of Vendors within RTA's Contracts and Procurement Department.

This is a significant achievement and should assist in our expansion plans for the USL Group Brands in the bustling hub that is Dubai where a number of major infrastructure projects and development of transportation networks throughout the city are being planned.


2018 marks an important milestone in the history of Pitchmastic PmB International and the USL Group in the Middle East as this being our 10th anniversary of the first regional office in Dubai and 25 years since we first began business in the region.


The business continues to flourish and develop in this important region and the RTA approval yet again recognises Pitchmastic PmB International as one of the industry’s leading service providers for Infrastructure and Asset protection.'