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Pitchmastic PmB International Is Well Connected On The Trans Euro Highway

As part of the European wide Trans European corridor the construction of a new motorway is being undertaken in south part of the republic of Serbia close to the border of Greece.

The works involve the construction of several new concrete bridges and tunnels and forms an important and strategic part of the Corridor 10 project.  


Pitchmastic PmB International supplied Britdex MDP (2 coat) Methyl Methacrylate waterproofing system with specialist FE tack coat to all of the new bridges. The system offers a 100% effective seamless bridge deck protection that is extremely durable and flexible, resulting in its suitability for application to a variety of surfaces and structures.  


The rapid curing properties of each element of the Britdex MDP system means that substantial areas can be covered in short periods of time making the system extremely cost effective.  


Due to the high durability of the system, it is unaffected by surfacing operations whilst offering excellent bond strengths to both the surfacing and the bridge deck. 


The system is approved and certified in the UK by British Board of Agrément, CE marking and specifically by the TEN Project. 


System Advantages: 

· Seamless coating leaving no vulnerable joints 

· Quick and easy application with rapid curing properties  

· Excellent crack-bridging properties 

· Environmentally friendly  

· Durable effective protection against corrosion 

· Versatile system - accommodates all surface contours, horizontal and vertical  

· Installed by approved contractors only 

 Methyl Methacrylate waterproofing system

Pitchmastic PmB International and its local partner Premium Concept worked closely on the project to ensure that all aspects of the service delivery met with the projects exacting standards and often demanding programme to the satisfaction of all parties.  



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