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PmB Delivers 1st Plug Contract In Qatar

Pitchmastic PmB International the global market leading structural protection specialist was engaged by client Yuksel Midmac JV to install 8,000 metres of FEBA Asphaltic Plug Joints on Lusail Highway Development (Package CP4) - A1, A6 Roads, Marina and Southern Interchanges.

In order to complete the project within the agreed time frame Pitchmastic PmB International utilised expert contract supervision of sister company USL BridgeCare along with locally sourced skilled labour to help deliver the project. The scheme was undertaken during day/night closures utilising ten operatives (one crew) over a period of several months.

 Asphaltic Plug Joints

Image of operatives installating FEBA asphaltic plug joints

FEBA is an asphaltic plug joint system which incorporates a special blend of bitumen, polymers and fillers to provide a flexible, waterproof joint with excellent ride quality for road users and noiseless characteristics for minimal impact on the environment. Asphaltic plug joints are recognised as being suitable for a maximum design movement of +/- 20mm horizontally and +/- 1.5mm vertically and are ideal for use on bridges with low to medium traffic volumes.


Colin Joyce, Contracts Manager of USL BridgeCare trained the workforce and was instrumental in delivering the project. He said "the project was carried out in challenging conditions, during the hottest part of the year and also overlapped into Ramadan which proved very difficult because of increased working restrictions for site operatives. Thankfully, we managed and delivered the project on time and to the satisfaction of the client". 

 Asphaltic Plug Joints

Pitchmastic PmB International was chosen by the client to deliver the project because of their excellent reputation in the Middle East spanning over 20 years.


The Lusail Highway Project is part of the larger Lusail City Development Project, Qatari Diar's most ambitious development program, and an integral component of Qatar's vision 2030.


The QAR 1.63 billion project comprises the CP4-B - a three-lane 6.3 km highway with two interchanges.

Asphaltic Plug Joints
Once completed, the highway will connect the Lusail Development to the South (Lusail expressway) via the Southern Interchange, the Western border of the Lusail Marina District via several junctions of Road A1 and also via the Southern Interchange, the northern border of Marina District to Qatar Entertainment City through the Marina Interchange Bridge along Road A6, the Lusail Waterfront Commercial and Fox Hills development via Road A1 North and Energy City via Road A6 on the east side.


As a result of Pitchmastic PmB International 's success they are working on other opportunities for similar projects in the region.