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PmB Delivers Waterproofing For Combined Group

Pitchmastic PmB International completed 3 new Interchanges on the RA212 project during 2015/16 for main contractor Combined Group Contracting.

The works were completed to a tight deadline to enable the opening of this strategic route to the public.


The project is part of the wider expansion upgrade and construction of one of the largest infrastructure investment programmes in the Middle East totaling some $120 billion spend over the next 5 years.

Pitchmastic PmB International and its PmB system the internationally renowned structural waterproofing system are clear market leader in this field and have to date completed over 500,000m² in Kuwait in the past 3 years.

 Concrete sealants used on this road

The Pitchmastic PmB International team also offers other group products and services such as expansion joints, drainage systems, concrete sealants and coatings amongst other services.

The project demonstrates yet again the versatility of Pitchmastic PmB International in being able to offer supply and installation of high quality waterproofing systems in the extreme climatic conditions and under increased programme demands.