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PmB Performs & Passes With Flying Colours

Blueshield PmB out performs and passes with flying colors under pressure on strategic Underpass project in Kuwait.

The high water table, which is prevalent in Kuwait can cause havoc for clients when structures leak prematurely after the dewatering is turned off.


The only solution is a high performance liquid spray applied elastomeric system to seemlessly provide an effective, homogeneous, flexible and durable solution.

Principal contractor Ahmediah one of the regions biggest and most respected companies turned to Kuwait based Abir Contracting who are Pitchmastic PmB's licenced applicator to supply and install the PmB system in Kuwait to the base and walls of a new concrete trough/underpass in the heart of Kuwait City.

 Liquid spray waterproofing system

PmB met with all of the local MPW requirements, approvals, test protocols and having been used in the region for close to 25 years it was the only credible choice for the client.


The system provides the inherent features of being fully bonded, flexible, chemical and root resistant, rapid curing, seamless and completely integral barrier to prevent the ingress of corrosive water borne solutions prevalent in this marine environment which is exacerbated when below the water table.

Application was rapid and thanks to the use of the PmB buried expansion joint detail BP1 the client was able to overcome some very difficult and potential weak spots at each and every construction joint.

 Liquid spray waterproofing system

Works were completed on time to meet with the MPW official opening date March 2017 to the full satisfaction of all concerned.