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Polish Bridge Successfully Waterproofed

The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway High Speed Rail Extension is at the heart of Gdańsk plans for the future and will connect the airport to the hub of the city and to the surrounding area. Located in the northern port district of Poland, the 17km section of high speed double track connects Lech, Walesa Airport to Gdańsk, Wrzeszcz Station which links into the existing network with the railway line Gdynia to Kościerzyna.

In 2013 the Consortium of Budimex and Ferrovial Agroman SA (partner) signed a contract with Pomorska Kolej Metropolitalna SA for the design and construction of this new extension. Along with the new section of tracks the contract contained 8 stations, 16 railway viaducts, 6 road viaducts and overpasses, 5 footbridge, culverts and livestock crossings, not to mention the challenging civil structures which included a 950 m super elevated flyover near the airport and a 160 m long flyover near the tramway terminal in Strzyżaall.The net value of the contract is PLN 582.2 million and the works are due to be completed and operational in April 2015.


The structures, viaducts and bridge were designed to polish and European accepted standards as defined by Rail Transport Authorities.  Due diligence was paid to the Construction Regulations and included assessments of risk to the health and safety of those constructing, maintaining, and using the railway. Materials were selected to maximize durability and minimize maintenance requirements throughout the life of the structures.


Budimex and the Client were looking for a tried and tested comprehensive waterproofing systmes for their rail structures to protect against the ingress of water, attack of chloride ions and rail chemicals and limit the accelerated corrosion potential due to severe climatic conditions.


The client team engaged with Pitchmastic International, who with a proven track record of over 60+ years protecting structures around the globe were in perfect position to offer their benefit of experience, technical advice and a quality assured liquid applied waterproofing protection layer.

 Bridge waterproofing

Above: Image courtesy of HydroTecc

The chosen product, Britdex MDP is a high performance waterproofing membrane based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resins developed for the protection of concrete and steel structures. It is cold applied and cures rapidly to provide a tough, flexible seamless membrane. Britdex MDP holds a BBA Hapas Certificate and is CE marked for European Britdex MDP has been used extensively to protect bridge structures across the globe and offers a technology that withstands extreme environments from the snow and ice of northern Europe to the baking hot deserts of Middle and Far East.



Key features include:

  • Excellent track record

  • Long and effective service life

  • Unaffected by high humidity and cures rapidly even at low temperatures enabling all year round application on all continents

  • Rapid installation rates. Outputs in excess of 2,000m² per day can be achieved

  • Fully reactive and does not contain solvents

  • Impermeable to chloride ions

  • Can bridge shrinkage cracks in concrete over a wide temperature range

  • High bond strength to substrate


The Britdex MDP waterproofing system - has an enviable track record and is not prone

to leaking, de-lamination and premature failures unlike some if its competitors materials.


As a formulator, manufacturer and installer for the past 60+ years Pitchmastic is unique with its offering, Pitchmastic International not only fully understanding the chemical technologies to manufacture a robust waterproofing product but also understanding the installation process and onsite conditions so that each and every time the client receives a quality offering with a deliverable guaranteed protection system.


As Pitchamstic International have grown globally, they have engaged with strategic partners internationally to install their products and materials, each one of these partners is hand-picked, fully versed and comprehensively trained by Pitchmastic International senior trainers and supervisors. This offers an added quality assurance to the customer, safe in the knowledge that the superior products are installed by superior specialists.


Above: Image courtesy of HydroTecc

Pitchmastic International only Partner with applicators that are market focused and engrained in the highways and rail sectors on new build project delivery or their strengths lie in highways routing and cyclic maintenance and refurbishment works.


Pitchamastics strategic partner in Poland for this Gdansk Rail project is HydroTecc who are the largest and most respected applicator in Poland. HydroTecc have delivered over 400,000m2 in the past 5years to some of Europe's largest bridge contractors. Their experience to deliver, cost effective, quality assured and dynamic project programs is second to none.


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