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Six Pack For Pitchmastic PmB International In Oman

With the recent award of the final section of Battinah Expressway project Package 3 to Pitchmastic PmB International, this caps off an impressive clean sweep of involvement in all SIX Batinah Expressway PACKages!

The 265km long mega infrastructure project began in 2013 and subsequently over 70 road bridges, Wadi bridges, underpasses and overpasses have been constructed all waterproofed with the world renowned PmB structural waterproofing system.


The final package 3, totalling an impressive 70,000m² is being completed at a terrific pace to enable the planned opening of the entire Expressway by the end of June 2018.


Pitchmastic PmB International is working closely with Contractor Galfar whom we have previously worked with on Package 1 to utilise multiple waterproofing teams, equipment and supervision to complete the works in a very challenging 5 month period!



The project is being supervised by Colin Ridley who has worked with Pitchmastic PmB International for over 20 years.